Thursday, January 6, 2011

I am not Nostradamus

In today's Irish Times there is a pretty emphatic statement on a topic I discussed last February. Mary Hanafin and Barry Andrews will both be staying put in DĂșn Laoghaire for the General Election.

The piece does have a few uncharacteristic jabs from Hanafin at both Andrews and PBP's Richard Boyd-Barrett, hinting that since the Andrews' come from Goatstown in Dublin South that perhaps Barry should have moved and that local issues like the 46A bus route are not going to be important. What is most interesting in the article is the way both Fine Gael and Labour are completely ignored. One wonders if Hanafin is already calling it 3 seats between FG and L with the 4th being a scrap between the two FF and PBP.

Seems my powers of prediction have failed me. I shudder to think how many of my other predictions will come wrong in the next few months!

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