Friday, February 25, 2011

Campaign Diary - The Final Day

I love voting, not that it should come as much of a surprise to regular readers. Since I turned 18 I have only missed one vote, when Mary McAleese became President. Other than that I have re-arranged holidays, worked early or late or just strolled up the road to exercise my democratic right.

For the last few votes I have attended the polling station earlier and earlier in the morning. For the locals in 2009 I voted at about 7:20 and for Lisbon 2 I was the second person into the polling station just as they opened up for business. However, today I took it easier and voted coming up to lunch. At the time the presiding officer told me they had a turnout of about 18%. Reports on the evening news suggests that overall turnout will be around 70% which is fantastic.

My ballot paper had 16 names on it. 1 and 2 were easy - Humphreys and Quinn. After a little bit of debate Gormley, despite everything, went down as 3, ULA/PBP's Mooney got 4, SF MacAodhain 5 and then Dylan Haskins at 6. I did contemplate going all the way down just to put Coyle at 16 and a mix of FF/FG at 13-15 but I just couldn't bring myself to separate the rest of the mess. It is unlikely that my ballot will go beyond Kevin Humphreys anyway so I didn't feel too bad.

Tomorrow the count starts and I'll be down in the RDS from early morning tallying and then generally hanging around to see what happens. If you happen to be in the area pop over to the Dublin South East pen and say hello.

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