Thursday, February 3, 2011

Campaign Diary - Days 1 and 2

Those who are regular readers will note that every so often I do a bit of analysis on opinion polls. However, three polls released within 24 hours is getting a bit much. Overall the polls show FG in early-mid 30s, Lab early 20s, FF mid teens with SF a little bit behind with Others making up the difference. What worries me slightly about the spate of polls is that we end up moving to the American style of politics where parties are continually chasing the polling figures and reacting to public opinion. While there will always be a bit of that, Irish politics has tended to be a bit more policy and ideology based.

A winter election was always going to bring bad weather but I had hoped it would hold off for a little while longer. While I have never been involved in the postering part of the campaign, it can't be fun to be up a ladder in the wind and rain that rolled in today. This evening I was designated as the coordinator of the leaflet drop in the Rathgar area. At about 6 the rain really started pouring down and I was sorely tempted to cancel the event. However we braved the elements and our team of 5 hardy souls hit about 70% of our designated areas before the brewing storm got the better of us.

It doesn't seem to be going well for constituency rival Chris Andrews on the legal use of a vehice front. After being clamped on the afternoon of the Dáil dissolution, this evening while trudging up Rathgar Avenue a van decked out in FF logos and Chris' face on the side came racing down without a single light on. Luckily the traffic coming the other direction were blinded by Chris' smile and forced to stop before careening into the Andrewsmobile.

Depending on the options on post-work pints tomorrow, my next outing on the doors will be down in Ringsend tomorrow evening or Saturday morning before cheering on Ireland in the 6 Nations against Italy.

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