Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Campaign Diary Days 20 and 21 - Final Debate

Last night had the final TV debate between the leaders of the three largest parties. And what a complete snoozefest it turned into. After the opening statements we had yet another rehashing of banking and fiscal policy for the guts of an hour. Now I know the economy is the bedrock of the country but we've heard it all before. Couldn't the topics for the debates have been better organized? Maybe focus on Health and Welfare in one and Foreign Affairs/EU and Education in another?

The only bit of enjoyment I got out of the whole thing was Enda Kenny's comments about Irish Dancing. I watched the debate in the company of a group of political twonks from across the spectrum over a few pints and this had us all in stitches. It immediately brought out a rash of comments about Comely Maidens and other Dev-like utterings.

Unfortunately, my time has become taken up with another matter this week and it's not looking likely that I'm going to get any further diary entries before election day. Thanks to all of you who have made February my most read month ever (by a long stretch). I'll be in the RDS on Saturday hanging out at the Dublin South East pen if you want to stop over and say hello.

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