Friday, February 11, 2011

Campaign Diary Day 10 - Abortion

Well it was only a matter of time really. As I mentioned before, the abortion issue hasn't gone away and in today's Independent, that well known liberal conservative David Quinn, brought the issue back into sharp focus. Entitled "Any vote for Labour is a vote for abortion", Quinn's rant involves a lot of misrepresentation and twisting of opinions to suit his own view point.

Labour is not for abortion. Labour is for legislating in line with the X case. There is a huge difference between those two statements. The former implies that abortion on demand would become the norm. The latter states that  if in government Labour would bring in laws that back up the rulings of the Supreme Court and the European Court. The Irish people have already rejected referendums on overturning X and so all you can say is that a vote for Labour is a vote for implementing the will of the majority of the people. The 1992 amendment that would remove the X case justification was rejected by 2-1. Since then it is most likely that views have moderated and were that wording to be put again it would be rejected even more strongly.

What is most annoying about this issue is the hypocrisy of parties and lobby groups such as the Iona Institute when dealing with constitutional rights. The crime of blasphemy, while anachronistic, was legislated for because it was in the constitution and the religious right welcomed the proposal because it closed a legal hole caused by lack of legislation. However, legislating in line with the X case, which is what the constitution says we should do, has been left open for almost 20 years.

Either the constitution is the primary document of law of the country or it isn't. You can't have it both ways. From my point of view, I am proud of the Labour Party's stance and look forward to legislation being brought in that respects the view of the majority, rather than continuing with the sham that panders to the Ionas, Cóirs and Youth Defences of this world.

Update (21:30) - this evening I got given a set of plastic rosary beads by a kind gentleman while canvassing in Sandymount to help save my soul. I wonder if I need to declare it on a SIPO return.

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