Thursday, October 27, 2011

Duty done

So that's my democratic duty definitely finished for this year. I hit the polling station in Harold's Cross at about 7:20 this morning on my way in to work. Turns out I was the 3rd punter to come through the door so definitely not what you'd call brisk.

On the two referenda I quickly marked the No box on both. I had decided over a week ago that I wasn't really in favour of McCarthyite Star Kangaroo Chambers so that was an easy one. The Judicial Pay issue was a bit more tricky as part of me feels that those pompus gits in wigs deserve to be taken down a notch or two. However, after much mulling over, I reckoned this was not the approach that the state should take. There are just too many potentials for abuse in the wording presented.

For the Áras, it was a no brainer putting 1 beside Michael D's name. After that I struggled for a while before putting 2 opposite Norris and 3 for McGuinness. Next came Mitchel and Davis. Finally, though it pained me hugely, I put Dana somewhere other than bottom of the list to reserve that special place for Sean Gallagher.

With that done, the question is what's next for my adventures in the Rosary Pastoral Centre. It would be nice to have a look at the Children's Referendum or perhaps the removal of Blasphemy from the Bunreacht. Or perhaps I will have to wait for the outcome of the promised Constitutional Convention that might redraft the whole thing. Any which way, I look forward to my next visit to the polling booth.

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