Monday, July 11, 2011

Norris' Nomination

People are getting all up in arms about David Norris not getting a nomination to run for President. I just don't get it. He'll have no problem landing himself on the ballot paper through his friends and acquaintances in Leinster House.

This is the pool he is fishing in.
  • 3 - TCD Senators (Norris, Bacik, Barrett)
  • 3 - NUI Senators (Quinn, Mullen, Crown)
  • 7 - Endapendents (Coghlan, Mac Conghail, McAleese, O'Brien, O'Donnell, Van Turnhout, Zappone)
  • 12 - Dáil Independents (all except Lowry and Healy-Rae)
  • 5 - ULA TDs (Boyd Barrett, Collins, Daly, Higgins, Healy)

That makes 30 by my count. If Sinn Féin decide not to contest the election then its even easier as their 17 Oireachtas members can be called into action. And if the worst comes to the worst I can easily see Micheál Martin sending a few of the least offensive members of his parliamentary party off to sign the papers. The spin will be that Fianna Fáil are not endorsing his candidacy, just enabling democracy. The irony is not lost after FF's steadfast refusal to hold by-elections in the previous Dáil.

The touring of the country to collect Council nominations is a PR move to keep his name and campaign in the spotlight. That makes it a good move, but give over with the crocodile tears when nasty, bigoted, homophobic councils don't vote to nominate him or refuse to entertain the roadshow.


  1. One thing that bothers me about the whole Norris debate is the assumption among too many commentators that opposition to him is purely down to his being gay.

    His undoubted legislative and symbolic significance aside, I've always found him annoying and lacking in basic manners. Whenever I've seen him on the likes of 'Questions & Answers' I've invariably got exasperated with his constant interruptions and persistent talking and shouting over other guests. Sure, I appreciate that this happens on lot on current affairs shows, but Norris is one of the worst offenders I've ever seen. And given that, I can't stand the idea of him being President.

    On the other hand, part of me wonders whether President Norris would be on telly less than Senator Norris been over the years -- he certainly wouldn't be braying over people on current affairs programmes. This might be reason to support him.

    Still, I'm hoping for Michael D.

  2. While I also hope that MDH wins the contest, in person I've only ever found David Norris to be a very pleasant person. Always been happy to talk about anything, with anyone. For that reason I think he'd make a passable Uachtaran.

    His media/public persona may be more grating but as you point out, were he to be in the Park, his opportunities for such shenanigans would be greatly reduced.

  3. That would all be fine if lesser candidates were not picking up Council nominations with some ease after less time. Also, if nominations from Oireachtas members were so easy to come by he would have them in the bag already. As it stands I think he only has a commitment from seven.

    With Gallagher and Mary Davis ahead on Council nominations, and Galway City Council agreeing to hear a looper like Mulqueen but not Norris, there's definitely something going on. However I wouldn't necessarily point to bigotry - it's more likely fear of a strong candidate.