Monday, September 13, 2010

PLP's 1st Birthday

Today Pass Level Politics turns one. So what have I spent the last year blathering about? Well according to the tagging
  • 20 - Elections made up of future predictions, by elections and UK general
  • 16 - Comments about proceedings in the Dail
  • 11 - Thoughts on all modes of transport
  • 9 - The general catch all of politics
  • 8 - NAMA, Dublin City Council and Public Sector vs Private Sector

In the next 12 months there will be a lot more about elections with by elections, Dublin Mayor and the start of the presidential campaign. There is also the possibility of a general looming. I will also try and understand more about finance and economics and so there will hopefully be more on that too - Deeter, Kinsella and Gurdgiev watch out! Finally with the Dáil coming back into session there will be more regular updates as stupid people say stupid things on the record.

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