Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dublin Speed Up?

Following on from a recent post on the new speed limit in the city centre, the Traffic Committee this evening have voted to modify the area affected by the new limit. The 50k limit will be restored to Winetavern St, Kildare St and the quays except between Capel St and O'Connell St. This proposal will be taken to the full council at the March meeting. If accepted there, it will probably be about 6 months before the new bylaw will come into effect.

I've almost come around to the view that this compromise is acceptable. The alternative position is the FG plan to return the 30k zone to what was in place in January with all the main routes in the city centre going back to 50k. While part of me feels that after a few months in operation the 30k zone would just become accepted as the norm, Falstaff did nail it with his "the better part of valour is discretion". Retaining most of the improvements at the cost of a couple of hundred metres of roadway is better than junking all of it.

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