Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Public Sector pay non-cuts

So yet again the people at the bottom of the heap are stiffed while those at the top are kept pretty. After the announcement just before Christmas that the top public sector workers wouldn't be suffering the 15% cut mentioned in the Budget speech, it now turns out that staff in NTMA, which raises money for the state on the international markets, are exempt from any pay cuts. Also covered by this exemption are NAMA staff.

Is it any wonder that Blaire Horan and Jack O'Connor were so cross when they appeared on Vincent Browne's show last night on TV3. The lack of equity in the system is starting to reach epic proportions. The sooner to debate turns from public versus private to haves versus have nots the better for all of us.

Hat tip to Irish Economy and Irish Examiner for the story.

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