Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Lenihan story

Being out of the loop over the Christmas break I only heard the details of the Brian Lehihan story on the radio in the car yesterday. Over the course of a couple of interviews and reports I pieced together the story that TV3 broke a gentleman's agreement to not break the story of Lenihan's illness over the Christmas period. To be honest the only thing I find strange about this is the fact that FF and Lenihan hoped that commercial interests would take a back seat and that the media would sit on this story until they had the spin machine sorted.

While on a personal level, one can only feel bad for Brian Lehihan and wish him well, politics keeps on rolling and the pressure of being the most powerful person in the country will not help him on the road to recovery once treatment begins. There needs to be an orderly transition to a new regime in the Dept of Finance but unfortunately the range of options is extremely limited.

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