Sunday, September 13, 2009


As is customary with blogs, one starts with an introduction to convince the reader that
  1. the author might have something interesting to say
  2. the author might have some level of knowledge on the topic
  3. the reader knows who to moan at if the content of the blog is not to their liking
With that in mind, here is the introductory post for Pass Level Politics, or PLP as I may refer to it in the future.

I am a thirty-something, male, Irish citizen. I work in the higher education sector in research. I am a member of the Labour Party and currently (for my sins), Secretary of my local branch. My political life started as a kid in the 1981 summer elections, dropping leaflets for Eithne Fitzgerald in Dublin South in exchange for ice cream. Since then I have followed the political environment in Ireland with varying degrees of interest. Since turning 18 the only vote I have missed was the election of Mary McAleese.

As to the name, Pass Level Politics, well I know that this blog will not reach the honours standard set by the likes of, or but I'd like to think I can contribute something at the lower level without making a complete fool of myself with every post.

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